5 Ways to Maximize Storage in Small Spaces

I love our townhome! It fits the two of us and our cat just right. The only drawback to living here is the limited amount of storage space. It drives me crazy sometimes and I know lots of people can relate to having the same challenge in their homes. Organization is key for maximizing your space and there's a way you can do it while making your home beautiful in the process. 

1. Storage Furniture

I love a great storage ottoman or a coffee table with drawers. It does double duty by adding functionality and character to your home. If you don't have a table with drawers, you can create storage by adding decorative baskets beneath it. One of my favorite places to go for baskets and storage accessories is Cost Plus World Market. They never fail to have a great selection of quality products at affordable prices and I always seem to come home with something. 

Table With Baskets.jpg

2. Book Shelves

Book shelves are fantastic for storing items in any room of the house. Bonus: using tall bookshelves helps to lengthen a room with low ceilings. Decorative baskets (yes, I'm obsessed with them) and magazine organizers go a long way here. This eliminates stacks of books, paper and magazines that could be an eyesore. Make sure to group similar items together when you're placing them and you're all set! 

Bookshelf Storage.jpg

3. Utilize Space Under the Stairs

Depending upon the amount of space you have, you can add shelves, a bench or even a table to create a work station. Have pets? Get creative and carve out a place for your furry friend to sleep and play. There are so many possibilities! Make the most of this precious space!

Staircase Storage.jpg

4. Take Advantage of Outdoor Space

You can extend the interior of your home to your outdoor space by adding complementary furniture such as a bench for storage and seating. Make the outdoors more cozy by bringing some of your interior decorative elements to the outside. 

Outdoor Storage.jpg

5. Only Keep What You Need

I have to confess that this is something I am working on. I am a pillow and throw hoarder. Out of the dozen that I have, I only use half. Take the things that you don't use and donate them to someone who can. There are a number of people out there in need and your donation could be a blessing to them. 

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